I brought my my courage with me this time,

Like an old frightened friend, I dragged it along with me

Down to the river.

And there, I heaved it into the muddying water,

but since it was made entirely of tears

It did not drown.

Identify is not something you are born with

Identify is formed by your life story, it is not a fixed mark, but a fluid concept that expands and changes form as you go through life. And nobody but you get to tell your own story and define who you are. You are not born to be somebody, you are born to be yourself.

Life is a sea voyage

To me, Life is neither a linear affair with a beginning and an end, nor is it a circular experience with neither a beginning nor an end. To me, Life is a sea voyage towards an ever-expanding horizon. It’s about accepting the sun and the quiet without fretting about the stand-still, enjoying the hearty breeze without looking forward to a destination and confidently maneuvering the storms without worrying about sinking.

Finding Joy

The ability, or rather willingness, to look for joy in your surroundings starts on the inside, in your mental attitude to life. But that doesn’t mean that joy is only to be found inside of us. Finding joy in your surroundings is a muscle that needs to be worked out every day. Once you decide that life is beautiful regardless of what is going with you, and start actively looking for signs to confirm this assumption, you will find joy everywhere; in a field of flowers, a toddler’s laugh, a winter sunrise, a cloud that looks like a heart, a puddle reflecting the starry sky … Seek and you shall certainly find joy playing a game of hiding in plain sight everywhere you go.

P.s Yes, that photo is real! 😃 I did see that cloud in the sky! 😍