There are Lights within you

There are as many lights

within you

as there are stars

in the sky.

And there are more lights

being born

every day

than anyone (including yourself)

can ever manage

to extinguish.


Hope is fast approaching.

A moon, pregnant with tears, tunes out.

The sky is a network of long narrow depressions of light.

Soft chuckles and footsteps depart in an exclamation

of dawn stills the laughter.

But you were the belle of the ball,

spinning streaks of your sunny eruptions

on their icy cheeks.

Announcing your name in slow motion:

Dione… Dione… Dione…

Tear-bringer, daughter of the sea, mother of love.

Gaia. Home.

Nothing can do you harm

Search for the look in your soul’s hidden eyes

and let the spirit take you into its arms.

If you exist parallelly in this realm,

nothing can do you harm.

Flightless Angels

We are all flightless angels made to live out our lives on the ground.

Many of us spend a lifetime searching for our wings,

not quite comprehending how else to satisfy our inherent instinct

for ascension.