Your Sacred Self – A Secret Garden of Healing

Life is Sacred. The organic and natural evolution of life is sacred and must be protected. Religion teaches us to worship without, to pray, to bow down to and to treat with reverence that which is considered to be holy. A Christian would never swear in church, a Hindu would never wear shoes in a temple, but we are all vessels of holy life and should treat ourselves with the same reverence and respect.

If we treated ourselves as holy vessels we would not violate this sacredness by changing our bodies from something natural and organically created to something artificial and man made. We would not lie and cheat to get first in line or to simply seek pleasure and materialistic fulfillment.

If we shifted our spiritual attention from outside of ourselves to inside, we would spend more time developing our true potential, exploring our talents and our intellect and improving and enriching ourselves. Our self-Love would naturally strengthen as we would love life more and live it in gratitude and celebration.

If we stopped being afraid of punishment in the afterlife our decisions would come from insight and wisdom and self-respect rather than fear and avoidance. We cannot love what we fear and fear of punishment is the enemy of understanding and evolvement, it is the enemy of an evolved society.

Science is the exploration of the natural world and its building blocks and laws, not the manipulation of it. Manipulation of nature will lead to repercussions, and Nature will always win. Science must be infused with respect and humbleness for life. Life is sacred even in the world of science, tampering with it will, like magic, backfire many times.

What we carry inside, the ripples that constantly move on our internal oceans, holds all the mysteries of life, of eternity, of Nature and creation. Life always wants to become everything it can become, and in this becoming it carries along all that which it previously was. Hope is the awareness of the highest potential and the possibility of it. Dreams often dwell on impossibilities, but hope, Hope is worth building your faith around.

Healing is life’s natural response after a trauma. We call it restoration. Healing would not be possible if there was no hope, no possibilities, if this was the case, Life would simply die. Life never ceases to exist. It restores itself, heals itself again and again, even after complete destruction. This instinct is within us all. It is the natural will of our inner most being. Life’s Hope is like a constantly moving stream that cannot be dammed. It will always find a way. We must let it flow freely. Life will not run dry, it will simply drown us if we become the enemy of it.

We are Life, not life’s creators and not its destroyers. We are the rivers, we are the oceans and the rain that falls down on itself. We are not machines nor are we gods, we are holy vessels of hope floating on an endless stream of possibilities growing and renewing itself each time it becomes an ocean.

What if …

What if there is a small part of you, a tiny microscopic part, that has existed long before you were born, that remembers the beginning of time … and what if … you could access this memory … at first just grasp the awareness of it with your subconscious, but then … slowly, piece it together with your intellect so that it becomes clear in your mind.

What would that do to you? How would it change the way you look at yourself and the world? Would you stop fearing death? Would you treat every living being as part of yourself?

Maybe love is simply that … feeling a part of someone … of everything … Maybe it is feeling everything inside of yourself as though it belonged to you … as if everything that is happening is happening to you …

Could that be what we call enlightenment, salvation, moksha … if that is so, then why are we not trying harder to remember… ?

Hope is a childhood’s whisper

Can you hear the whispers
of childhood dreams and days?
Remembering those threadbare thrills
And the hopes of yesterdays?
When the winter is around you
And it clutches upon your heart
Find comfort in those sweet old ways,
Like a pilgrim to dreamers’ trysting-place.
Where your soul can dance beyond the harbor bar
To where the untroubled, shining waters are
And you can, in resurrection’s bashful glory,
Start again on your life’s untold story.

The shadow of your soul

The shadow of your soul
Sweeps and rushes like the wind
Across the pale and moaning sea
To where my life falls dark and still.
There, it stirs the heart of amethyst
And croons with harp-like voice
Until it shines into a parted sea
And my starless nights are gone.

Safely hidden

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can take you away from yourself, unless you willingly offer it up. But even then, even then, a small part of you always remain safely hidden in your inner most being, ready to be rekindled when you get your spark back.

Hope for another generation

The same life force that birthed you
Will rise the sea
Towards heaven.
Homesickness will pilgrim and divide
Into droplets sailing
On cloud-waves
To be reborn as rain,
To nourish Heaven’s artistry
With oceans, with flowers
Carried on dreamers’ wings,
Projecting hope
For another generation.

The fullness of life

The fullness of life
Is like the vast ocean’s depth;
Unexplored and wistful,
Like our idea of a god turning
The hands of time and
Offering a perception of life
That we reach for,
But never fully