Everything you do leaves traces on your soul


Know yourself

Don’t simplify me, don’t call me good or bad. Don’t tell me what I want or don’t want. Don’t tell me the difference between need and desire. You don’t know me. Know yourself and perhaps find me somewhere in that knowledge. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I am not you, what makes me cry might be what makes you laugh.

There are some things you might never understand about me, unless you try feeling your touch through my skin, seeing your expression through my eyes. You can wander like a whale through my red rivers and still not reach the ocean. Is this an obstacle to you? Are you an explorer or a homemaker?

Ordinary beauty is revealed in a mirrored lens; do you have one? Has your life obtained one for you? Are we not thoughts: uniquely ours, emotions: uniquely ours, dreams: uniquely ours, instincts: belonging to humanity, characteristics: belong to our ancestors, desires: belonging to evolution? All connected to, and reacting upon, every current moment spanning through life.

There is a current of time floating through me, I am on a lifelong date with history, composing music with my vibration upon history’s eternally drawn stings.