Twilight travels, without shoes,
Beyond a chessboard of shadows,
Unto a dark path in between mountains
To fields where the waken mind
Dare not tread.



When you are young you start discovering
All the different parts of you, testing them out,
Getting to know them thoroughly and individually.
Sometimes it can be a confusing time,
Thinking you have to choose one of them
To represent who you are.
But as you grow up you learn that all these different pieces
Fit perfectly together like a jigsaw puzzle
Creating a beautiful picture, original and unique
In its artistry

We are rivers

We are all rivers cascading
From different peaks.
I see you running
Towards the ocean,
Tumbling in between rocks.
But above you, where you
Refuse to look,
There is a pale, but determined
And when I see your
Foaming raging breath,
There are colors
In every angry tear,
Transforming even your screams
Into something beautiful.

The Beauty of this World


The beauty of this world
Does not lie in the eyes
Of the beholder, it does not need
Your approval nor your love,
It exists entirely on its own.

The beauty of this world
does not need a savior,
Nor a soldier,
It is your caretaker, your
Preserver, your knight.

The beauty of this world
Is not given like a child,
Unconditionally and innocent,
It will, with sovereign superiority,
Expel its entire litter into solitary
Extinction in a game of survival.

The beauty of this world
Is not kind nor boastful
It gives unselfishly, conditionally
And punishes mercilessly.

The beauty of this world
Is not given to you nor me
To delight in, it is you, it is we
Who are the gift and the slaves of
This world’s irrevocable beauty.