All your days

You gave me all your days,
They came and went
With rocks and weeds,
Brambles and blossoms.
Now I give you all my tomorrows,
Softly above haze,
Or thorny in graceful loneliness,
With gales and hush,
Hale and summers,
They are all yours.


We are rivers

We are all rivers cascading
From different peaks.
I see you running
Towards the ocean,
Tumbling in between rocks.
But above you, where you
Refuse to look,
There is a pale, but determined
And when I see your
Foaming raging breath,
There are colors
In every angry tear,
Transforming even your screams
Into something beautiful.

Waiting to offer comfort


The light is soft and shadowed.
A row of ancient beach huts stand
Still and gloomy
Against the black sand.
Memories of naked saints and blue kaftans
wash ashore…

This is where bottled prayers crash
against green slippery cliffs
Spilling up over edges and onto roads
Where there used to be paths…

Amazing, isn’t it?
what the tide brings up?
Sometimes though, there are red flowers,
floating in the water, just off the road,
waiting to offer comfort…