Eternity’s Homely Shores

The ocean is unpredictable and threatening,
Tearing years and years off the land with its anger.
But fear not, you will not drown, only float
Westward, towards stillness, towards the burning light,
To shed your skin and walk naked
Unto Eternity’s homely Shores.


This is the raw Earthlight

This is the raw earthlight in the winter twilight:
A dusty burn, murky blue,
The shadow of a night bird
On patches of snow.
Dreams and melancholy colliding
With frozen cobwebs.
A heart stumbling in between sturdy tree trunks
Looking for stillness and consolation

Seeping through the shadowland

The soft sigh of the willows
Seep through the shadowland
Where weeping ferrymen
Steer their canoes through morning dew.
Wild ducks, with sea salted wings,
Migrate through dawn
Shedding golden leaves like syrup fingers
Attaching their palms to the ground.
Cuts in the night sky deepen and
Bleed honey onto the horizon
Herding nightbirds and dreaming children
Back home.

Graceful comfort

There is a moody and graceful comfort
In the frosted breath of a dark night.
So trusting in its soft whimpering
Like a grouse on the fells.
Days borrow light from those hidden pockets
Lined with whispered evening prayers
Of loneliness and need.
It is as though the mist-shrouded peaks
Outnumber the clouds,
Leaning victorious over the bat infested sky.
Those high-pitched cries carry echos;
A chorus of redemption
Shooting across the night like a shower of stars.
And you stand there as old as humanity
Smothered between naked fields
While your perfected dreams, gilded like icons,
smash like glass pearls against rocks.
Within, a gull’s dirty wing begin to sketch
A thousand green islands.