Whispers of Spring

February has been a month of celebration filled with birthday cakes, boxes of chocolate and early mornings steeped in rose.

There has been flirtatious violets, swoonworthy romances and sunny windows catching dreams and turning them into books.

There has been pictures of Italy, poems of fire and beauty, and cranky creepy crawlies waking up from winter’s sleep.

There has been music; happy tunes awash in daisy blues, dragonflies bewildered by city hues, and imaginary walks with imaginary dogs.

All in all, it has been a month of tiny whispers of things to come, to grow, to bloom. After all, “to wait” means that something good is coming your way.

Your life leaves a double footprint

Every day you infuse with life and love
Leaves a double footprint:
One on your soul,
And one on earth.
Your life makes a path like that:
One will lead others to greatness,
The other will lead you
Safely Home.

Be still

2016-04-24 10.50.56

Be still
like moonlit snow
over wooded hills
Be still
like an old country road
threaded with ribbons
of saffron sunlight
Be still
like a skim of mist
on the lake surface
Be still
become one
with the mellowness
of sky, earth and air
Be still
and breathe in the world
with your heart