Lullaby for the weary

In the glow of evening stars
Soul-winds lace the growing tides
And shades the dimming sky,
And as twilight ripens
We forget the worries of the past.
And hearts that burn and ache with pain
From memories that robs and steal
The peace from blessed sleep
Will set aside the toiling world
And quest anew for a love-blest day
And let hope again infuse the heart
With the sun’s boon of wonder.

Wrapped in leaves of solitude

Here, unseen by mocking eyes, you hide.
Wrapped in leaves of solitude
And crowned by the blackest night.
With a heart of thornless roses
You quietly stand by
While the world is quenched
By starlight
Caught by the petals
of your eyes.
Yet, the drinkers will never know
That it was you
Who gave birth to their sunrise.

When your words are voiceless

When your words are voiceless
And your soul is alone.
When all your dreams
Have long ago flown.
Hope is the sunrise
Tied to the earth
With strings of twilight
Is the day being birthed.

For the breath of life
Is not to find, but to seek
In Woodways, in mornings,
What you release
You will keep.

Earth’s music spills secrets
To those who can sing
Their soul-song, their heart-tune
And let it fly with the wind
To frost-crest the night
Or to bring about Spring.

The search is the hope
And dreams are the sea
Sailing in wind-still,
Not to find, but to seek.

Is your heart a’tune with the moment

Is your heart a’tune with the moment
Of the Soul’s turn to grow?
In Winter’s purple battles fueling
The June breezes that will blow.
And fields at dawn will ripen
And feet will combat slopes
When the mind chooses to harvest
What the heart in frost-nights sowed.

Give value to your Life story

Let your life experiences give fuel to your empathy and use it to make the world a tiny bit better. In this way you add value to your life story and even tragedy is given purpose.