Return of Happiness

β€œ Soon happy, carefree days will come back to us and merriment will brightly illuminate shady spots. β€œ

Lily of the Valley in the Victorian Language of Flowers

Calming your fears

β€œ I am come to calm your fears; to console you in the absence of bright days and to reassure you of their return. β€œ

Snowdrops in the Victorian language of flowers

Don’t worry, breathe, and think deep

The world is continually evolving and going through cycles. We need to align ourselves with the rhythm of nature. If we do, the future can be an exciting time for new beginnings and growth. We need to pay close attention to what is going on around us and how it affects us, we might need to reassemble and rearrange our plans moving forward. Don’t worry, if we do, it will all work out for the best.