Forerunners of Spring

In the bitter chill, in the sing-song Wind,
The undaunted mind blossoms
To stay a’tune to nature’s call
He quivers his poetic strings
And bids the light to bring forth
Its emancipated Spring.

If you want to be a wildflower

Guard over your life,
Let your dreams’ pastures grow
In the nourishment of sunny days.
Ward off vultures and aggressive scavengers.
But let a little rain drizzle through
The days of your life if you want
To be a wildflower and grow
Wherever the wind’s planted you.

Carry yourself

If you can carry yourself
With the weight of your entire soul
Upon your shoulders,
You can wade through
Even the deepest river
Crossing your path;
Dry-shoed and warm
Without sacrificing a single layer
To the river wild.