Growing Light

Dawn twirls into the night’s embrace,
Cradling darkness to its chest,
Suckling prayers and dreams
To nourish its growing light.


Dawn’s restless hunger

The sun departs over purpled shores.
Creation’s stillness breeds the first word
Of dawn’s restless hunger.
A journey begun in the dark,
Roadless and strange in the sun’s shadows
Around the revolving light of life’s beating core,
Peaks on a summer’s day
A’churning a white-painted lighthouse.

Seeping through the shadowland

The soft sigh of the willows
Seep through the shadowland
Where weeping ferrymen
Steer their canoes through morning dew.
Wild ducks, with sea salted wings,
Migrate through dawn
Shedding golden leaves like syrup fingers
Attaching their palms to the ground.
Cuts in the night sky deepen and
Bleed honey onto the horizon
Herding nightbirds and dreaming children
Back home.

The coming of Light

Gray and mute.
There is no cadence in the wind,
As if numbed by the winter forest.
There is a stench of sorrow
Shrouding all safe exits.
Even the tide is holding its breath.
Then, a blossoming of light,
Soft violet and blush,
Splitting the ocean in a glittering trail
Of rose gold and silver.
The echoing cry of seabirds,
And feathers shivering
In the eddies of the wind.