Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth,
Reality and dream –
Where does one end and the other begin?
The one is full of the other
In a time
Floating towards Eternity.


So far away is never a dream

So far away is never a dream
That you can’t succeed
In walking in its direction.

This is the heart of melancholy

A tender seasonal gust of leaves
Scoops my dreams up
And rush them through the ajar window.
A fine-toothed comb
Brushes through my knotted thoughts.
It is as though the morning is left
Sitting, half asleep, out there
On one of the distant isles with nothing
But a lighthouse to keep it
From leaning back into the darkness
Of the pre-autumnal night.
This is the heart of melancholy;
A wistful longing, a vague memory of safe harbor,
Scraped away by the rawness of beautiful sunny days.
A dream with one leg rooted in summer pasture
And one leg winged by the mystery of night.

In the hills of a distant dream

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

When the transparency
of the moon
closes the distance
between us
and the mist
lifts its veil
to reveal snow
on sunless peaks
that is when
you and I
will meet
in the hills
of a distant dream
we will fill
the night sky
with our memories