Into our dreams

At the break of day
The wandering soul returns
And sinks into our dreams
Filling life with invulnerable


Consumers of Grace

We are consumers of grace,
A forever renewable greenery
Gardened by a gatekeeping horizon
Opening and closing its borders
Before our dream-bespectacled scrutinization,
Feeding our numbness alternately
with empty words and promises.


There seems to be
A persistent current tugging us
Off course,
Leaving us speechless
While watching our dreams
recede to impossibility.
It will take all our strength;
The straining of every muscle
of the imagination
To resist its inscrutable will.


Snowed in dreams

Snowed in dreams
Are fighting for breath
In the avalanche of
Sun-blind fear.
Through a peek-hole, carved
By Longing, Faith can only see
Starving wolves gaping
To diminish the light.


Lost in mundanity

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say
You live by:
The sooted, almost-burned-down logs
That no one ever kindled
But that still warms
Your every thought,
Like smoke signals from a heart
Lost in a forest
Frozen by mundanity.



It was strange to see you
In these quiet days
Like the sun
In autumn.
Leaning into the
Growing wild
Like a shy Foehn wind
Curving charmingly
into the woods.
But I guess it happens
To all of us when we,
Like the golden dawn
Folding away the last
Remains of night,
Outgrow our dreams
And fold our ordinarity


Do not offer me the ocean

Do not offer me the ocean
When I am thirsty,
Like the sleeping flowers
In winter
I am nourished by longing,
By the glimpse of chasing lights
Across a pitch black sky.
Show me only a bird
When I want to fly,
And I will spend my life
Growing wings.