The Summer is past

The summer is past,

The days of sun is over and gone.

But lights appear on the earth

Against the darkening leaves.

The time of quiet light has come,

When it is you and I who are to scatter

The night sky with hope.

Arise, dear soul and find your place

In the constellation of your generation.

Sound your truth without fear,

For the night is there to help you shine,

Not to ravish your warmth.

Remember, it is only the sun

That turns your steps over to shadows.

You alone are a company of armies

Marching to the beat of a thousand hearts 

That came before you.

Come now, go forth with your gentle light,

Embrace your destiny,

And roses will surely bloom

In your wake. 

Identify is not something you are born with

Identify is formed by your life story, it is not a fixed mark, but a fluid concept that expands and changes form as you go through life. And nobody but you get to tell your own story and define who you are. You are not born to be somebody, you are born to be yourself.

Life is a sea voyage

To me, Life is neither a linear affair with a beginning and an end, nor is it a circular experience with neither a beginning nor an end. To me, Life is a sea voyage towards an ever-expanding horizon. It’s about accepting the sun and the quiet without fretting about the stand-still, enjoying the hearty breeze without looking forward to a destination and confidently maneuvering the storms without worrying about sinking.

Don’t lose who you are

Being able to adjust to a situation and to people around you is a great quality! In fact, Darwin’s theory of “the survival of the fittest” has been revised to “survival of the most adjustable.” However, don’t adjust so much to situations and people that you lose who you are and eventually end up being dominated by forces taking advantage of your accommodative nature.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin …

It will work both as a an armor of self-love shielding you against the world, and make you more approachable and appreciated by others. It might even motivate self-love and confidence in other people!