Don’t worry, breathe, and think deep

The world is continually evolving and going through cycles. We need to align ourselves with the rhythm of nature. If we do, the future can be an exciting time for new beginnings and growth. We need to pay close attention to what is going on around us and how it affects us, we might need to reassemble and rearrange our plans moving forward. Don’t worry, if we do, it will all work out for the best.

Hope for another generation

The same life force that birthed you
Will rise the sea
Towards heaven.
Homesickness will pilgrim and divide
Into droplets sailing
On cloud-waves
To be reborn as rain,
To nourish Heaven’s artistry
With oceans, with flowers
Carried on dreamers’ wings,
Projecting hope
For another generation.

A Child of the sea

You are not just a child of your parents,
you are a child of the sea, the mountains,
the sky and the woods.
They are your creators
and you are their beloved.
And as you love and care for your parents,
you must love and care for all those who love you;
for the sea, for the mountains, for the sky
and for the woods.
Love is not a duty, it is a gift;
the giving of it and the receiving of it
is what holds the fabric of this world together.
It is life, and without it there can be none.