Walking through a Forest

Walking down a Forest path,

My heart start to grow roots,

My Soul spans out

Butterfly wings.

And I flutter undecidedly

Between Heaven and Earth.

And I expect I will keep at this dance

Until the beating of my Heart

Will be the beating of wings

And my roots will learn

To grow upside down.

Stories of Autumn

The days bloom crystal clear
On the low Eastern horizon

A crisp breeze carries
The scent of serenity
Along a darkening shore

There is a natural grace
After the rain
When twilight fades
To leave a celestial glow

The stillness of dawn in the forest
Caressed by the gentle radiance
Of a cool Autumn sun
Worshipping amidst the trees

There are hidden gardens
Enchanted by the cadence of the wind
Whispering sweet musings

Dancing along a peaceful path
To waves of cascading foliage
Blushed by Autumn’s splendor


I swam through the forest
With sunshine in my hands
My thoughts nailed to trees
Like satin veils
Obscuring the world in lavender pale.
The waves brought me further
Into a field of wrecked sails
Where ropes were withered
By sea and salt.
Eventually I arrived to a shore
Where only the bodiless could port
And I threw my skinny tethers
And I was reborn.

Consumers of Grace

We are consumers of grace,
A forever renewable greenery
Gardened by a gatekeeping horizon
Opening and closing its borders
Before our dream-bespectacled scrutinization,
Feeding our numbness alternately
with empty words and promises.


There is a dark searching wind
Softly rocking the white satiny trees.
It is as though the earth rises
Slowly and steadfastly towards heaven.
Valleys and mounds are being
Lifted featherlight
By urgently falling snow.
And you, on your father’s old skis,
Stagger to keep your balance,
As the world as you know it
Disappears in a dizzying
Star crossed silence.