Happiness is freedom

There is no happiness
As complete,
And as modest,
As knowing that you are free
To follow any path you want,
Even the one you are too scared
To even dream of.


Wild horses never dream of wings

Wild horses never dream of wings,
They are born free.
Free to be who they are and run
Where they want.
Keep your heart wild
For you are like them:
Born to be free.

The Silenced Mind

So fast, something
Safe can become
A prison.
Walls being too familiar,
Keeping out the world
While tenderly preserving
A monastic sanctity.
When did it all
Become such a threat?
Peace being lost
In the claiming of
So wounded
We wait
We tremble
While wars are being
Inside the caves
Of the silenced Mind.

We don’t always bloom where we are planted

Sometimes, where we are planted, is not where we will blossom. Having been given feet, it is up to us to journey to where the soil gives the kind of nourishment we need to grow to our full potential. Let us encourage such pilgrimages, not clip each other’s wings, and force iron bars around the soul.

Have you ever walked alone by a snow-glazed sea?


Have you ever walked alone by a
Snow-glazed sea, with the steady breath
Of tides and the desperate cry
Of seagulls flossing your thoughts,
Blushing to the raw undressing
of the icy wind as it flushes your pores
Clean of memories, and pulls the
Salty homesickness of your soul
Ruthlessly from your blinking eyes.
Have you ever cracked your heart
So hard upon cold black rocks
That old wounds split open and bleed
out into the sea?
Have you ever stood alone,
By a white and blue coast, shivering with release,
As though someone just ripped a bandage off your soul,
asking yourself: What is out there?
What is out there?