From a fallen leaf to a Rose petal

You say you are afraid of losing consciousness

Every time you close your eyes you disappear

From the world into darkness.

You say you are afraid of being conscious

Of your own beating heart and human breath

Ephemerally moving to fall.

But have you ever considered that within

The same quiet darkness,

Within the same stream of consciousness

A seasonless awareness flows effortlessly

Remembering every moment you held

Where every breath rejuvenated

A new spring destined to make you flower

From darkness,

Giving form and color to the most

Memorable season of all:

Your beating heart, your human breath.

Moments you touch with your fingertips,

Touch them with wonder, not with fear.

They are the hands that will

Rise you up from the dreaded motionless river

That made you and that will remake you

From a fallen leaf to a rose petal

In the quiet darkness you carry within.

Within the swimming night

Within the swimming night

I can make out


Open heart

Bound by the moon

With its silver arms

Leaning into the window

With hands extended

So that my soul can step out

Of its paralyzed shell

To greet your


With its one broken



He reached for the light in the window,

you said, and went on his way onwards.

It made you pray, it made you cry,

it made you think onwards.

When it was you turn I felt you

walk through me.

I was sitting by the sea like always,

and there was no emptiness.

You simply walked into the light

onwards where I could still

reach you.

It was your time to reach for the light,

like him that went before you.

Him that you loved,

him that you prayed for.

I cried, of course, but there was no


You didn’t walk away from me,

you walked through me

and the light-tracks you left in me

remained like sparks reminding me

of how much you loved me,

how much you still love me

from somewhere


What’s Right Here; A Journey Into the Stillness Within the Heart

By Laurie Whitesel

laurie book

Laurie, over at , is a dear friend of mine, not just in the blogging world, but in the “real world” as well. I have followed her blog for a long time, and I have adored her work from day one. So I was so happy when her book finally came out! The book is a collection of Laurie’s healing notes to herself as well as to those who feel moved by them. The poems are not only beautiful, but authentic, original and comforting. Laurie dares to be vulnerable and show us, or rather let us listen to, her true soul-voice. The notes contain messages, words, clues, from a higher self, from a heart connected to a sacred place where there is only Love and Peace. These messages carry within them healing and comforting words inspiring us to live from a place of connectedness and self-love, a place of authenticity and silence, somewhere to go to when the world overwhelms us. Some of the poems feels like riddles or puzzles to be solved, and reading them feels like going on a quest, finding clues along the way leading us onto a path that is being made as we walk it.
Laurie does not only want us to connect with her words, but to find our own words spoken to us in our own voice. Healing can sometimes be a painful process, but this book teaches us that it can also be beautiful, and inspiring and exciting. I heartily recommend this book to everyone who loves poetry, who are in a healing process or who are interested in connecting to their deeper selves and start listening to their own soul-voice.

You can buy the book here:

And you can visit Laurie here: