Your heart is an ocean of tenderness and vulnerability …

Don’t build a dam around it, let the rivers run wild and they will always find their way back to the ocean, a little wiser, a little more compassionate, after tenderly shaping mountains into valleys. Eventually it is the river that remains the same and the harsh rock that is forever altered.

Life’s Simplicity

A dreamy calm falls upon
Unfilled breaths of life
As the future is a quiet hush
Before a fast oncoming night.

My tired mind, like a grassless field
Grows dim in twilight’s solitude
And finally the stars can bear
My Heart-Light into view.

Across the fading landscape
Of tomorrow’s toiling sea
Drifts the alluring horizon
But I ignore the tailwind breeze
And fold away my weary sails
And trust in life’s simplicity.


My Soul has tore
My skin apart
And scattered pieces
Of my heart like feathers,
And left them to dance like the wind.
Until I am
Nowhere and everywhere
With no gravity
To settle me.
I have colored
My whereabouts
In shades of gold,
Leaving my presence untied
To behold.
But on that last day
I will collect and restore
My broken wings
And let them,
Slowly and confidently