When darkness threatens

When darkness threatens,
Your defense will be your heart,
Expanding into a circle of light
Around you.
Against that, shadows
Will burst
Upon entering,
And you will remain safe


Hoarfrosted Fields

Your halo follows the fashion
Of bamboo, growing faster than an inked heart
On tear-stained paper.
You fear the words with heavy wing-span,
But despair has never torn at your knuckles.
You are the hoarfrosted fields: white gowns
Hiding the poverty underneath.
But you are also a butterfly,
Skimming life’s feet without storing grief
To season the summers.
While the winter birds sigh in the canopy
You remain aflame, dipping your answers
In the mute desert, like a red dawn
Fertilized by the talons of night.

Lost in mundanity

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say
You live by:
The sooted, almost-burned-down logs
That no one ever kindled
But that still warms
Your every thought,
Like smoke signals from a heart
Lost in a forest
Frozen by mundanity.