Another coast whispers in blue

Another coast whispers in blue
And in the awakening swirls of fog
A butterfly whirls into my creased vision.
It ignites and burns out, ignites and burns out again,
Ignites…and everything feels light as though
A journey is about to begin.


When your courage flickers

When your courage flickers like a lit match,
Let me be the hand that shelters you.
My palms might be rough and calloused,
But that is just so that they won’t blister
When your flame starts to roar.

Sinking into the twilight

I am leaning against the pale November sun.
Longing towards the blue crests of sea.
My thoughts sinking into the twilight.
I hang one of them on the bluish black sky
Lighting the way into the Eveningland.
Among stars it disappears.
But it will still be there shining
For no one in particular,
Long after I am only a shadow drifting
Like smoke on the wind.

There is a draft of sun in the oceans between men

The night is like the quiet surrounding
The cry of a solitary seabird or
An imploding hunger tearing a soul
From within
Without a trace of sadness.
There is a draft of sun in the oceans
Between men,
A mute conversation about destiny.
In this nagging desolate irony
Glaciers drift invisibly towards
The naked warmth of trees and
Roaring dawnlights slip in between
The cracks.