Fun and productive activities for a quiet life

Learn to knit and/or sew. Maybe just start by knitting a scarf. You can give it away as a present for someone you love!

Get creative in the kitchen! Maybe learn about a different cuisine or give yourself a challenge to cook up something wonderful using only five ingredients!

Take dance lessons! There are YouTube tutorials for almost any dance style you can think of. Dancing is fun, uplifting and an amazing way to stay physically healthy.

Read a classic! Many of us have some of those challenging 500 pages+ classic novels on our TBR lists. Why not try reading one now! Many of the classics are available for free download on kindle devices. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary.

Spring is here! Why don’t you try planting some flowers or herbs. If you don’t have access to a garden you can plant in a pot. Watching something grow is so satisfying!

Make presents! There is always a birthday coming up, and even though it’s far away now, Christmas always comes sooner than we think. Maybe you can learn some handicraft skills online and actually make your own presents this year! Good for the environment, good for you and good for your wallet!

Make a video card to someone who lives far away. Almost all of us have relatives and friends who live far away that we can’t be with right now. Why don’t you make a fun and uplifting video message for them. Thanks to our digital devices we can easily send videos to each other. It’s fun to make and fun to receive. Maybe you can sing a self made song, just for fun, or wear an hilarious outfit!

Challenge yourself to wear everything in your wardrobe! Shopping can for many of us be a remedy against negative thoughts and boredom. But most us don’t really need to shop. Have you looked through your entire wardrobe lately? Why don’t you dress up every day in a new outfit, even if you are just staying inside alone. It can help against the shopping itch and make you feel fresh and creative. Good for the environment and good for you!

Itching to travel? Why don’t you choose a destination reachable by train, bus or another non-flying means of transport, learn everything you can about this place, search for pictures, famous people originating there etc. Maybe you can revive a bit of interest in local travel destinations and plan a trip when the quiet days are over?
Remember when a camping trip to the lake was our idea of a great holiday? Maybe it’s time to revive that feeling.

Learn about flora and fauna! Are you so lucky to live close to nature or have your own garden? Have you ever wondered about a name of a tree or a flower? Many of us learned when we were kids, but have since then forgotten. Maybe it’s time for a reminder? If you can go outside in nature bring back samples to press and catalog, otherwise you can always draw pictures yourself or make an online guide by downloading photos from the internet. Did you know that most flowers have two names? A common name and a Latin name. Almost all trees, plants and flowers also have folkloric significance, why don’t you explore these meanings?

We can choose to emerge ourselves in fear and negativity during quiet, isolated days, but that’s not going to change anything or make anything better. Why don’t we take a positive spin on the situation and choose to look at it as a teaching moment for humanity which we can come out of better and more mindful of ourselves, each other and the environment.

Let’s rise up and stand taller than we did before, able to reach higher heights and see further than we ever have.

Lessons from the Present

Learning to bake your own bread.
Cooking from scratch – not being dependent on processed foods.
Appreciate local produce and choose organic.
Switching out candy for homemade cakes.

A new appreciation for family, friends and general togetherness.
A new sense of community and unity – the world is like a balloon, you can’t poke a hole in someone else’s home and expect to stay safe yourself.
Planting your own vegetable/ herb garden and not being dependent on stock in grocery shops for food.

Expanding your creativity – being forced to use your imagination to create fun.
Reviving childhood hobbies and finding new joy in them.

Closeness to nature – nature as a source of peace and beauty.
Respect for nature – Mother Earth will outlive us all if we do not start respecting her.
Taking climate change seriously.
Travel less – only fly when you really have to.

Slowing down – what happens when there is less noise to preoccupy your mind.
Being inspired to rethink your life and start pursuing those dreams.
Gentling and softening – Kindness and Compassion as important guidelines for life as we continue on this journey together.

A peaceful life

Animals have a lot to teach us about slow living.

They live as though time does not exist.

They sleep when they need to sleep, play for joy, cuddle when they feel like it and eat when they are hungry.

They live a natural life, untouched by ambition. Their purpose is simply to be alive.

You don’t have to fill those moments of silence

You don’t have to fill
Those moments of silence
With anything
But deep gentling breaths
Like summer tide softening
Upon a quiet bay
Hidden away from the storm.

Will you fly or will you fall?

Are you lonely or have you bloomed?
Will there grow flowers where you’ve walked?
Are you brave or are you lost?
Will you stay quiet or will you talk?
Into a sky or out to sea,
Will your petals fly or will they fall?
When roads are empty,
When the world is asleep,
Will your colors fade or
Will you walk on ?