The Summer is past

The summer is past,

The days of sun is over and gone.

But lights appear on the earth

Against the darkening leaves.

The time of quiet light has come,

When it is you and I who are to scatter

The night sky with hope.

Arise, dear soul and find your place

In the constellation of your generation.

Sound your truth without fear,

For the night is there to help you shine,

Not to ravish your warmth.

Remember, it is only the sun

That turns your steps over to shadows.

You alone are a company of armies

Marching to the beat of a thousand hearts 

That came before you.

Come now, go forth with your gentle light,

Embrace your destiny,

And roses will surely bloom

In your wake. 

What days to come?

What days to come will run, will swim,

Will drag me by the hair?

Will flood, will dry, will crash

Into my boundaries?

All I know is that you’ll be there

To cause me pain, to lift my joy,

To take away my grief.

You are time, you are the sea of consciousness,

You are Eternity, you are me.


I brought my my courage with me this time,

Like an old frightened friend, I dragged it along with me

Down to the river.

And there, I heaved it into the muddying water,

but since it was made entirely of tears

It did not drown.