On a boat alone

On a boat alone beyond the bar
Against the ashen light of breaking sea
All noiseless shadows huddled afar
I toil for treasures in the deep.

Brightly across the ocean’s gray
Ripples a’flush in the eastern sky
The birth-hours glow the path away
Smitten dreams to meet the tide.

All hope roister with the wayward winds
Like seagulls soaring in dizzy flight
But home remains a’slumber in the dim
Awakening only to greet my light.

Life’s Simplicity

A dreamy calm falls upon
Unfilled breaths of life
As the future is a quiet hush
Before a fast oncoming night.

My tired mind, like a grassless field
Grows dim in twilight’s solitude
And finally the stars can bear
My Heart-Light into view.

Across the fading landscape
Of tomorrow’s toiling sea
Drifts the alluring horizon
But I ignore the tailwind breeze
And fold away my weary sails
And trust in life’s simplicity.

In the footsteps of my own truth

Today I walk in the footsteps
of my own truth
And in spite of the sunshine
Of my careless youth
I can still hear the autumn

For tucked underneath
My summertime wings
Grows the seed
Tomorrow’s bringing.

A bloom I paid so dearly for
With rainy nights and pleads
Of snowfall
Weaved into a crown
Of gold and russet leaves
Bearing the name of

When your words are voiceless

When your words are voiceless
And your soul is alone.
When all your dreams
Have long ago flown.
Hope is the sunrise
Tied to the earth
With strings of twilight
Is the day being birthed.

For the breath of life
Is not to find, but to seek
In Woodways, in mornings,
What you release
You will keep.

Earth’s music spills secrets
To those who can sing
Their soul-song, their heart-tune
And let it fly with the wind
To frost-crest the night
Or to bring about Spring.

The search is the hope
And dreams are the sea
Sailing in wind-still,
Not to find, but to seek.

Hope is a childhood’s whisper

Can you hear the whispers
of childhood dreams and days?
Remembering those threadbare thrills
And the hopes of yesterdays?
When the winter is around you
And it clutches upon your heart
Find comfort in those sweet old ways,
Like a pilgrim to dreamers’ trysting-place.
Where your soul can dance beyond the harbor bar
To where the untroubled, shining waters are
And you can, in resurrection’s bashful glory,
Start again on your life’s untold story.

Are you like a Snowflower?

Are you like a Snowflower
deeply rooted in the present
Despite the gypsy snow?
Or are you like a whirlwind
Pushing clouds like lavish migrants
To wander to and fro?
Dreams can be thorny roses
And todays can be the cost
When you always heed the calling
Of the future’s sunwarmed host.

Is your heart a’tune with the moment

Is your heart a’tune with the moment
Of the Soul’s turn to grow?
In Winter’s purple battles fueling
The June breezes that will blow.
And fields at dawn will ripen
And feet will combat slopes
When the mind chooses to harvest
What the heart in frost-nights sowed.

When your thoughts by the roadside are misty

When your thoughts by the roadside are misty
And your dreams hide in gossamer blue.
When your joy has gone to pasture
And your eyes are silver with dew.
Your heart remains steadfastly bent
On its summertime quest to the truth;
Never a sail in the distance,
But a soul-flower waiting to bloom.

Pure as the snow on sky reaching peaks

Pure as the snow on sky reaching peaks
Without a burden for the wind to sweep,
Always in growth through sunless days
In twilights dimmed by your mind’s dark haze
Stands alone your captain, your soul
Forever a’drift towards your heart’s greatest joy.

Forerunners of Spring

In the bitter chill, in the sing-song Wind,
The undaunted mind blossoms
To stay a’tune to nature’s call
He quivers his poetic strings
And bids the light to bring forth
Its emancipated Spring.