The sum of our loveless days


The morning air has been
whipped into frost to mend the
Barrenness of broken paths,
Sunned to death by the sum of
Our loveless days.
Reaching branches, sketched by
Dawn, break black and rise out of that
White and gray sea
Where farmers gather rivers
into veins to thin out
Our sorrows.

A Buoy or a Wooden Fleet


If you were shipwrecked on an island with a rising tide,
What would you choose?
A buoy that would keep you close to the shore,
While you basked around in the storm,
Or a wooden fleet without sails, leaving your fate
To be juggled by the varying constellations of
Stillness and chaos?

The White-veined River Runs


The white-veined river runs
Through ancient stems and
Black-breasted roots,
Webbing through our planet
Like frothy falls spinning lives
From autumn rain, and spitting leaves
Into black lakes.

It stops neither here nor there,
Mapping givers and takers
And leaving debris from storms
In its wake.

It has no destination other than itself,
And does not mind the eroding of mountains,
Or the taking of careless lives.
It leaves little for space and time,
And plunges happily back
To its own beginning after lapping
A life-time on its origin.