Sitting in the backseat

Sometimes life is like

sitting in the backseat of a car

listening to someone else’s music

watching a time lapse of lives

being lived

outside your window.

Waiting to reach a destination

you know nothing about,

but that you are hoping

is going to be good.

Flightless Angels

We are all flightless angels made to live out our lives on the ground.

Many of us spend a lifetime searching for our wings,

not quite comprehending how else to satisfy our inherent instinct

for ascension.

Return to Loveliness

January has been a cold and quiet month filled with musical inspiration, new flavors, and candlelit soirées.

There has been carnelian dawns, empty roads and open seas.

There has been angels and evening birds, frosted forests and sunny lanes.

All in all, it has been a quiet return to loveliness in a world gone quite mad.