Is your heart a’tune with the moment

Is your heart a’tune with the moment
Of the Soul’s turn to grow?
In Winter’s purple battles fueling
The June breezes that will blow.
And fields at dawn will ripen
And feet will combat slopes
When the mind chooses to harvest
What the heart in frost-nights sowed.

Give value to your Life story

Let your life experiences give fuel to your empathy and use it to make the world a tiny bit better. In this way you add value to your life story and even tragedy is given purpose.

Choose a new path

Contrary to contemporary popular belief, not all problems can be solved. There is no shame in turning around, finding your way back to the fork in the road, and choosing again. Who knows, maybe the new path will lead you to somewhere even more exciting and rewarding than your original choice of direction would have.

Are you grateful ?

Do you feel gratitude towards the light?
Towards the air you breathe?
Are you grateful for summer breezes,
Wildflower hills and little islands dotted
With nesting seagulls?
Are you appreciating every sunrise
And every starlit night?
Thanking the earth every day
For giving you life?

The fullness of life

The fullness of life
Is like the vast ocean’s depth;
Unexplored and wistful,
Like our idea of a god turning
The hands of time and
Offering a perception of life
That we reach for,
But never fully