Everything we need is right here

Everything we need is right here.
The tired, the worn down will rest.
Paths will disappear into wilderness.
Houses will wither and fall apart.
But homes will remain,
Perhaps lonely, perhaps aloof,
But always rising, turned to the light,
As each of us leave our mark
On life.


Born in a Dream

Born in a dream
I awaken to see
That I am my own creator,
The first word before
My life’s sunrise.

Your life wanders through you

Your life wanders through you,
Lines of laughter and worry,
A hundred stitches of life,
Attaching moments to moments
On a canvas of skin stretched from
Beginning to end.
Conversations of silence and of words
Filling threadbare bags of years.
Carry it proudly, be with yourself, even in
Your loneliness, with all of your humanity.
For this journey is about you.
You are the life, you are the wanderer,
Wandering through