Happiness is…

Happiness is having something to look forward to every day, however small; perhaps getting up to see the sunrise or enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or starting a new book. These moments can be curated and the responsibility for that curation falls on you.


You are a wind without a sky

You are a wind without a sky,
I am a sky, dark and nocturnal,
Waiting to be moved.
Perhaps tomorrow, you will rock me,
A little too softly –
So that I don’t even get to know you-
In your loneliness.

Dawn’s restless hunger

The sun departs over purpled shores.
Creation’s stillness breeds the first word
Of dawn’s restless hunger.
A journey begun in the dark,
Roadless and strange in the sun’s shadows
Around the revolving light of life’s beating core,
Peaks on a summer’s day
A’churning a white-painted lighthouse.

When the light must clasp the hand of the night

Walking through wooded lanes,
threaded with sunshine and shadows –
So beautiful yet suggestive of sadness.
Much like the human mind;
With memories threaded on a string like pearls.
They are the luminous forerunners of autumn,
When light must clasp the hand
Of the night.

Mind the gap

Don’t let there be too big gap between who you are and who you want to be. I have myself experienced how much it can hurt when your aspirations do not coincide with your own needs and emotionality. Take a step back and re-examine yourself, are you pushing yourself to fill a void within or are you a well of abundance flowing over?
Relax, take a break, you are good enough just the way you are. Real love does not need to be earned.

Be open to receive

Many of us are quite good at giving, but are we equally good at receiving? You know that amazing feeling you get when you have made someone smile? Well, why not let someone else feel like that too? By joyfully receiving we give a gift to the giver contributing to their journey of self-love and meaningfulness.

Carry my Soul

Carry my soul (extract) by Numa Edema

She never took the beaten track
So she is used to life beating back.
Scars and bruises never stole her time
She knows pain and love are intertwined.
Still she says:
Don’t you worry about me, I’m strong
I see the love in your eyes and I know
That this life will carry my soul
And what it brings only time will show.

* This is a song by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Numa Edema. It sometimes feels like he wrote it for me 😊😊😊