My Soul has tore
My skin apart
And scattered pieces
Of my heart like feathers,
And left them to dance like the wind.
Until I am
Nowhere and everywhere
With no gravity
To settle me.
I have colored
My whereabouts
In shades of gold,
Leaving my presence untied
To behold.
But on that last day
I will collect and restore
My broken wings
And let them,
Slowly and confidently

Come into the light

They say that we are drawn to people who are like ourselves, and dislike people who display characteristics we don’t like in ourselves. To me, I have always been drawn to people who display characteristics I wish I had and that I admire. Being around people like that inspires me to become a better version of myself. I think most of us are subconsciously drawn to people who have something we need to become better people. Unfortunately, for some of us who have a very soft and comforting energy, we attract people with a lot of darkness inside. This can definitely be a huge challenge, but just know that it is their soul who is looking to elevate itself through you. So I would say, full avoidance is not the solution, rather, I think we need to listen to the need of our own soul and spend equal amount of time with people who lift us and make us better.
In everything there has to be balance; giving and taking, loving and being loved…

Angelic Light

I live in the deep
breathing through a straw.
I see a world of brilliant colors, shafts of angelic light
and inscrutable darkness nobody else sees.
But every time I take a breath I struggle
to get enough oxygen from the surface
To fill my lungs.
I sometimes heave just to grasp at
What others take for granted.

Making Flowers Grow

Your light wanted to lift
My tears to Heaven, one at the time,
But my grief was not ready to leave
And became rain instead,
Giving its lessons back to earth
And making flowers grow
And shallow lakes deepen.

Lost in mundanity

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say
You live by:
The sooted, almost-burned-down logs
That no one ever kindled
But that still warms
Your every thought,
Like smoke signals from a heart
Lost in a forest
Frozen by mundanity.

I am always the sea

Your thoughts wander
Through me as though
I am the tunnel
To eternity.

Faces painted
By nonchalance
And cold,
Conversations of silence
And echoes.

I am abandoned
To myself,
By patched up faith
My moorings are being
dragged Offshore
In the talons of
Bickering gulls.

Like rivers all pour into me
And I am always the sea
With columns of light
To weather their

The Forerunners of Courage


We are the forerunners of courage
blossoming above the snow
from star-sown fabled ports
we rise into a brave undaunted dawn
sweet with the breath of our bloom
we curl over the greying shores
like pulsating gleams of Light
we fall through cracks of stone