Lost in mundanity

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say
You live by:
The sooted, almost-burned-down logs
That no one ever kindled
But that still warms
Your every thought,
Like smoke signals from a heart
Lost in a forest
Frozen by mundanity.


I am always the sea

Your thoughts wander
Through me as though
I am the tunnel
To eternity.

Faces painted
By nonchalance
And cold,
Conversations of silence
And echoes.

I am abandoned
To myself,
By patched up faith
My moorings are being
dragged Offshore
In the talons of
Bickering gulls.

Like rivers all pour into me
And I am always the sea
With columns of light
To weather their

The Forerunners of Courage


We are the forerunners of courage
blossoming above the snow
from star-sown fabled ports
we rise into a brave undaunted dawn
sweet with the breath of our bloom
we curl over the greying shores
like pulsating gleams of Light
we fall through cracks of stone