There are countless shadows

There are countless shadows
Tangled with the spring’s unbroken green
And you are the light-stemmed ripple,
The sway that unties dreams,
Without the strive or turmoil
But with the weariness of heart
Your thirst remains unkindled
Yet the rain is never far.
It lashes the restless beauty,
But the world cares only for stars.
So chasers walk by the edge of day
Refusing to sip the night,
While divers swim through the darkest skies
To speak for those whose lips are dry
And bear storms to feed the unseen light.

Forerunners of Spring

In the bitter chill, in the sing-song Wind,
The undaunted mind blossoms
To stay a’tune to nature’s call
He quivers his poetic strings
And bids the light to bring forth
Its emancipated Spring.

Seeping through the shadowland

The soft sigh of the willows
Seep through the shadowland
Where weeping ferrymen
Steer their canoes through morning dew.
Wild ducks, with sea salted wings,
Migrate through dawn
Shedding golden leaves like syrup fingers
Attaching their palms to the ground.
Cuts in the night sky deepen and
Bleed honey onto the horizon
Herding nightbirds and dreaming children
Back home.