Under layers of snow

It doesn’t matter if you have frail,
Frozen hands, or that your veins
Have turned blue from shoveling
Too much frost.
Your soul is a reindeer
Finding light to nourish
Your heart, even if it is,
Like lichen, hidden
Under layers of hardened


As winter deepens

Soon winter will deepen
Making the familiar unrecognizable
And you will have to walk
in the dark for a while
Until the blue valleys of dawn
Shines away the nocturnal land.
But never forget,
The lamp you were born carrying
Needs no dawn to chase away
The shadows.


It is the secretive month,
The month where everything is hidden,
Even the light.
Some may mourn its absence,
But I,
I go chasing after it,
Looking for its hiding places.
And there is something about
The shy, the humble
The hard to get
That makes it so much more
So alluring.


Naked night

A naked night
Wind playing in wildweeds
A waning moon
Darkness like Whittled ice
On the eaves
A robin whistling sorrowfully
In the blue woods.
A naked night
Black eyes looking
At your heart
Bullet-shaped depressions
In the snow.
Sometimes you
Are the only thing glowing.


Tonight I am a hunter

Tonight I am a hunter
Tracking your every movement
But you are a poacher
Looking for a moment of light
To fill your darkness.


Longing for Light

Like a premature February Flower
She turned and twisted
Adjusted to any light and warmth
Offered by the moody
unpredictable sun.


When Love overflows into Light

When Love overflows into Light
It will mend your way home
And dance eternally
like stars upon the aftermath
Of your life.