The entire debris of unfearing stars

Who nailed my life to the night sky?
Who made me a watchtower of naked light
In the middle of the black sea ?
With memories frozen into my face since dawn
and words rumbling like thunder among unfearing stars.
I am like that stranded boat on a snowy winter beach.
Without luggage, without pilling threads
I collect deconstructed rubies like red stormlights
From fishing trawlers.
How everything must wander so nonchalantly
Through me I question
Not just the traces of you, but the entire debris
Of unfearing stars
Shattering in the enormity of the sun.


Under layers of snow

It doesn’t matter if you have frail,
Frozen hands, or that your veins
Have turned blue from shoveling
Too much frost.
Your soul is a reindeer
Finding light to nourish
Your heart, even if it is,
Like lichen, hidden
Under layers of hardened