Walking down a lonely road

I’m walking down a lonely road
I wish time wasn’t walking along,
Seeing faces and places;
Reminders of home.

There is snow on the signposts,
Autumn’s clutter in the guts,
Beaten down tracks of
Asphalt and stone.

I’m walking down a lonely road
I wish I wasn’t walking alone,
Seeing white-painted crossings
Faded and gone.

There are untouched skipping stones
In sea-washed harbors,
And crab traps left
To yellow and grow old.

I’m walking down a lonely road
Where possibilities’ shop
Has long since been closed,
Leaving only in its wake
Miles and miles of unclaimed love.


But those small connections have still not settled…


Voices fall silent when the rain stops ,
Like you, inside your fortress, trembling
In the cold, yelling and
Making a mess.
But don’t you feel the warmth
Of the summer days?
Must I follow you with blankets and flowers?
I wish you’d come to me
On your own….
But those small connections
Have still not settled
And we’re alone,
Not in separation, but waiting, side by side
In stations, filthy with discarded paper bags,
For someone…a train,or a ticket master..or perhaps
Just a flightless pigeon,
to slow down and cross
our crooked paths ..