We have the Night Shadows all around us


We have the night Shadows all around us
Stir not by me today
Let them come and sleep beside me
Like water sleeps in the rain

Close not your hand against what is frozen
For it will also one day become yours
But wrap your light so carefully around it
Like you wrap yourself around me

Do not think you can solve the knots in the wild weeds
But let your riddles be solved in me
Let us grow together wildly
Like streams grow wild in the sea

Clothe dark woods in the secrets you keep
But let your snow be draped around me
You can leave your feet bare against the stones and the mud
As you can leave your heart bare in my keep

Bring me with you into darkness…


We sing, don’t we? It’s strange really,
I never thought I could, sing.
But perhaps the rain egged me on.
Or perhaps it was the mountains.
You said they were grey, but they are quite red.
When our passion sets on their frozen peaks,
I can hear it in the wind,
the change our presence carries.
Gales of lofty adoration.
Like hugging something fragile.
We must all do it to survive.;
Rock the old into youth.
Bring it forth. Shiny and weather-worn.
I become peaceful
at the sound of my voice.
Calling you.
Bring me with you into darkness,
into black nights. And I’ll be a star,
you know. Wheeling,
until you and I are a constellation.
Birthing destinies for little ones.

The snow would not settle on you


I saw you, and that was it.
The leaves moved and
the autumn changed.
The wind broke its pattern.
How can it ?
You are just someone ordinary.
But the snow would not settle on you.
It was strange, really.
My blossoming continued,
but it was in red now.
I had become different.
Pulled up with the root.
You gave me no chance to regret leaving.
You stood there. Waiting for me.
To leave winter behind.