Frozen Trees

I have often stood with
One foot in the warmth
Of your shy caresses
And the other in the bitter
Taste of bleeding stars.
But when the days turned
Into a whirl of icicles
Breaking upon outlawed dreams,
I lifted the other foot
And stepped into the forest
Of your love,
And the frozen trees hummed
Quietly through
My thoughts.


Whirling into my shadow

You came
Whirling into my shadow
Looking at me with your
Opalescent eyes
And I fell
By the monotony
Of your plea.
Your being
In the darkness.
There was a blindness
Between your life
And eternity,
A rippling quiet
Against the hollowing
Passing of time.
And I knew you
Could furnish any faith
With your beautiful

The cadence of your soul

Your heart was like a forest lake
Pulling into it the summer night.
Your mind was like a grove
Of fir trees kneeling
Before the shadow-spirited fell.
The cadence of your soul
Was like a vein of sea
Too far inland to bother
About storms.
Your dreams were like the quiet whoosh
Of willows
On the heaven-scraping moors
In spring.
But your face…
Your face has been made invisible
By the transparent blue fog
Of time and distance.
Thank God, that was the most
Insignificant part
of who you were.


The softest human touch

There is a strange nudity
In your secrets,
Like something waiting
In the shadow of tall weeds,
Climbing into kitchen windows
Where old couples
Decipher the songs
Of the wind.
In wet leaves braided
With black veins
And the scent of overripe apples
Scattered in the old garden.
Even the blue lawn seat
Shows signs of those gentle caresses.
But the softest human touch
Is the silence of inarticulate love
While you wait for
The right words.


Your face is never the same

Your face is never the same
No matter how long I look at it.
Like rippled water
It reaches further and further out
To accommodate life.


Windsongs and Waterfalls

There used to be windsongs
And waterfalls between us,
Now there is a wayhidden beat
Quivering like a string,
And we are each holding on
To the end.


The border of you and me

I am standing at the border
Of you and me
At the hub of our oneness –
A contradictory moment
When darkness
Swallows the light.