Suspended between you and safety

I find myself suspended between you and safety, 

An oceanic gape that will not reveal its depth.

I roar, I spew, I lay myself unto land, 

Searching for a mooring pole…

I try to shape you in my image,

But you are raw, unyielding…making me contemplate 

A different world where you are a bridge, 

And I am walking all over you,

Breaking my own steadfast illusion of otherness 

So that you can rise on your own 

To rope me 

Into you. 

Still the Love in your Heart

Still the love in your heart, make it real quiet,
So that it doesn’t go to waste.
Throw it not into the chasm of self-doubt.
I am here, your dance partner
On unsolid surface.
We’ll pedal together despite our spindly legs,
We’ll wobble on blessings if we have to
But we’ll never quite aim
for the river bank.

The Geography of you and me

We can look at each other
From both sides now;
Letting the distance between
The me in you and the me in me
Soften us.
Knowing so perfectly
Each other’s geography,
We can pause to stay comfortable
In each other’s silence,
Leaving the lights to burn
All through the night.