On a balcony of clouds

The Ocean rests by the bay
And far, behind the hills,
You stand
On a balcony of clouds
Glowing like the sun
On its way to the Shadowlands.


Wings bring the dawn

Homecoming Seabirds glide across your eyes,
Wings, wet of dew, bring the dawn
To your night.
Days, even the coldest and hardest,
Always bring life.

Covered in Dawnlight

I am covered in Dawnlight
My snow boots deeply sunk into the night
And sun melting the icicles in my hair.
I fill my pockets with blue crisp stars
And lift myself into your arms.
But when I try to show you the light in my pockets
You see nothing but the beauty of my skin
Tanned by summer days.
And when I dance, I dance alone
With the moon singing in my thoughts.