I set myself on fire for you

Your arteries seem clogged with the debris of dreams,

The ghosts of your loves are edged into your skin.

I watch your eyes on me; deserted islands sunk into a milky sea,

And I set myself on fire for you …

Flames sputtering, dependably, icy into your veins,

Like an epiphanic drug swimming in your stead.

I convert you to me …

Making you an addict to my dreams.


Grace streams down from the sun,
Within Grace, there is Eternity,
Filtered by eyes, thoughts and love,
It finds its way to us.
Within Eternity, shadows appear
On the underside of time
To make sense of the shape and position
of life.
But as we look up, those shadows recede
And we enter a world of light,
And within that light
There is Transcendence.

You don’t have to fill those moments of silence

You don’t have to fill
Those moments of silence
With anything
But deep gentling breaths
Like summer tide softening
Upon a quiet bay
Hidden away from the storm.