Your life wanders through you

Your life wanders through you,
Lines of laughter and worry,
A hundred stitches of life,
Attaching moments to moments
On a canvas of skin stretched from
Beginning to end.
Conversations of silence and of words
Filling threadbare bags of years.
Carry it proudly, be with yourself, even in
Your loneliness, with all of your humanity.
For this journey is about you.
You are the life, you are the wanderer,
Wandering through

Be the Wind that carries You

Close your eyes
and be the bird
upon the wind
stretch your wings
and be the wind
that carries you

Close your eyes
and be the air
that moves the wind
abandon your boundaries
and be the breath
that births the being

Be still

2016-04-24 10.50.56

Be still
like moonlit snow
over wooded hills
Be still
like an old country road
threaded with ribbons
of saffron sunlight
Be still
like a skim of mist
on the lake surface
Be still
become one
with the mellowness
of sky, earth and air
Be still
and breathe in the world
with your heart