True Happiness

Your worth cannot be increased
By doing good deeds.
Doing good deeds can only increase
Your own sense of joy and purpose;
Knowing you have made a difference
In someone’s life.
But if you do good deeds to prove
Your worth, to harvest acceptance
And acknowledgement from others,
Then you will never be satisfied or content.
True happiness comes from acknowledging
Your own worth, obtained just by being alive.
There is no greater peace than
When you can accept this.

Have you ever walked alone by a snow-glazed sea?


Have you ever walked alone by a
Snow-glazed sea, with the steady breath
Of tides and the desperate cry
Of seagulls flossing your thoughts,
Blushing to the raw undressing
of the icy wind as it flushes your pores
Clean of memories, and pulls the
Salty homesickness of your soul
Ruthlessly from your blinking eyes.
Have you ever cracked your heart
So hard upon cold black rocks
That old wounds split open and bleed
out into the sea?
Have you ever stood alone,
By a white and blue coast, shivering with release,
As though someone just ripped a bandage off your soul,
asking yourself: What is out there?
What is out there?