Love does not need a giver or receiver

Love does not need a giver or receiver to exist, nor does it need to be manifested. Love is a gift to humanity, but it does not need humanity. Love needs nothing but itself, it gives of itself to itself, yet it does not need to be received for there is no space in which it does not exist.

The fullness of life

The fullness of life
Is like the vast ocean’s depth;
Unexplored and wistful,
Like our idea of a god turning
The hands of time and
Offering a perception of life
That we reach for,
But never fully

With one foot in dawn and one in dusk

I saw a rainbow yesterday,
One side was leaning towards day,
The other towards night,
And in between:
A span of melting colors
Peaking into the vastness of sky.
We humans are like that;
With one foot in dawn
And on in dusk, but always,
Always reaching for that great

The Secret of Life

Have you ever looked at your own reflection
In the surface of the sea?
Then you will know the secret of life:
Your face a part of the sea,
Solid only in the shallow, close to land.
But then, as the sea deepens, it loses its shape
And expands, becoming the sea itself,
As it laughingly color the ripples
With its everlasting jigsaw presence.

The other surface of the ocean

You tether your soul
To the heaviest rock,
To the deepest isle
Where your thoughts reach
Into the bottomless pit
Where miles of darkness
Hide the light from your sight.
But if you let me,
I can show you how
To use your soul as an anchor,
Letting it sink into that
Beautiful light on the other surface
Of the ocean.

Into the mystery

The autumnal quiet
When all that’s left
Are pine needles and
A defenseless barren moor.
And the inflamed sky walks
Among pines, leaving
Bloody footprints among
Thorns. But I
Do not fear the quiet,
I do not need to hurry
Before dusk. I willingly
Poke holes
In my heart to let in
The night.