Stories of Autumn

The days bloom crystal clear
On the low Eastern horizon

A crisp breeze carries
The scent of serenity
Along a darkening shore

There is a natural grace
After the rain
When twilight fades
To leave a celestial glow

The stillness of dawn in the forest
Caressed by the gentle radiance
Of a cool Autumn sun
Worshipping amidst the trees

There are hidden gardens
Enchanted by the cadence of the wind
Whispering sweet musings

Dancing along a peaceful path
To waves of cascading foliage
Blushed by Autumn’s splendor

The shadow of your soul

The shadow of your soul
Sweeps and rushes like the wind
Across the pale and moaning sea
To where my life falls dark and still.
There, it stirs the heart of amethyst
And croons with harp-like voice
Until it shines into a parted sea
And my starless nights are gone.

Poetry of Home

I have drowned my soul
In the music of this land,
The Woods, the shores, the hills,
Until I have forgotten how to live
Anywhere else.
The tossing of the sea,
The stillness of sand in silver turmoil,
The storm-beaten trees bent in prayer…
But it is a life worth living
If your soul is on the speaking terms
With Poetry.