Twilight travels, without shoes,
Beyond a chessboard of shadows,
Unto a dark path in between mountains
To fields where the waken mind
Dare not tread.


Summer nights and quiet shores

Summer nights and quiet shores,
Without screams, without footsteps on concrete,
Only evenings sinking contentedly
Into melancholy.
A still sea mirroring earth,
A still mind mirroring life.

Nature’s youth has surrendered

Nature’s youth has surrendered
To sweeps of tears through Evergreens
With irrevocable immortality shielded
By glass-walls of sea and sky.
Left behind is the sound of loneliness
Swaying on Fall-eaten branches
In night-like afternoons.
Evenings of brass aging,
Too soon, into a shadow world
Of naked silhouettes reaching,
Longingly, for your sunny thoughts.