Forerunners of Spring

In the bitter chill, in the sing-song Wind,
The undaunted mind blossoms
To stay a’tune to nature’s call
He quivers his poetic strings
And bids the light to bring forth
Its emancipated Spring.

Ancestral Prayers

My eyes are open to the songs of wind.
My thoughts echoing the migratory cries of summer
Winding its way home.
The soft chiffon of sky is swaddling the bare black world
As my ears capture the rain of star dust
Nourishing another year’s end
With ancestral prayers.

Poetry of Home

I have drowned my soul
In the music of this land,
The Woods, the shores, the hills,
Until I have forgotten how to live
Anywhere else.
The tossing of the sea,
The stillness of sand in silver turmoil,
The storm-beaten trees bent in prayer…
But it is a life worth living
If your soul is on the speaking terms
With Poetry.