A peaceful life

Animals have a lot to teach us about slow living.

They live as though time does not exist.

They sleep when they need to sleep, play for joy, cuddle when they feel like it and eat when they are hungry.

They live a natural life, untouched by ambition. Their purpose is simply to be alive.

Mother Earth blooms beautiful, no matter what is going on with us

Nature’s beauty does not need a beholder to bloom beautiful. Spring is on the way to offer renewal and hope.

Nature does not need us to exist, but we certainly need Nature. Taking time appreciate how privileged we are to be surrounded by such beauty is time well spent.

We are all a part of each other; people, flowers, trees, rain … let’s take a moment to honor this kinship and infuse this knowledge into our every day life.

Mother Nature is there to offer you her embrace, spend some time with her and she will heal you.