Early summer morning

Early summer morning,
Young sunrise above the sea.
Where his shadow falls
Over the grass I plant my life
Like a cluster of moss
Afloat on wind-stirred sea,
Flushing without roots,
Weirdly softening when the edges
Of his silhouette leans against
My empty handed longing.


A long-legged echo of melancholy

The shadow of a tern
Flashes black over the sea,
The cross-shaped silhouette
Is visible only for a second
Before it disappears
Into the sunlit horizon
Leaving a long-legged echo
Of melancholy behind.

Coloring blue valleys sunset red

The cotton grass reaches
To drink the remains of the day.
The old and spent sky pales
In the translucent belated dusk.
You slip your hand into mine
And the softness of folded wings
Spans across my veins,
Coloring blue valleys sunset red.

To remind you of Summer

I taught the wind to laugh,
To walk quietly passed your door,
Scattering green leaves to remind you
Of summer.
I wrote my name in the dew on your window,
Waiting for your heart to remember
The language of the wind
And the muscles in your wings.

Be a Pathfinder

Be a pathfinder
Carving your way through days,
Releasing sunny seconds from dull hours.
Sometimes even summer days need decluttering,
Sorting through memories,
Mining diamonds in dark caves
To paint pathfinder marks on rocks,
Leaving a trail of light in your wake.