Tonight I am a hunter

Tonight I am a hunter
Tracking your every movement
But you are a poacher
Looking for a moment of light
To fill your darkness.


Like stars on fire

There is a galaxy spinning
in the darkness
Behind my mind
Unrelated to any thought within
Just a million transmitters
Crashing like stars on fire
Into my subconscious dream vision
Igniting my soul’s desire
To find home.

Stranded in Your Love

I am stranded
In your love
Surrounded by
Your oceans
That always seem to be
Caught in a storm.
Every day ,
I scan your horizon
for a boat, even though
I don’t even know
If I want to be rescued.


The face you used to know

Are you looking
into the lake
To see the face
You used to know
Before you were


Art is not dependent on an audience

“I don’t make art for an audience. I make it so that it exists.”

– Agnes Tiffon (Norwegian artist)


Innocence Transforming


I am breath surrounded by breath


I am the white shadow
you cannot see
and I am the silence
you lean into.

I am stars surrounded by stars
ocean surrounded by ocean.
I am the journey
and I am the sails.

I am the mirror
and I am your eyes.
I am the darkness in the darkness
and the light in the light

I am the vastness you lose yourself in
and I am the nearness that finds you

I am breath surrounded by breath
and being surrounded by being.

There is no need to seek me
for I am the seeker.

I am the thirst
and I am the water
quenching the thirst.

I am you and I am
the other.

I am breath surrounded by breath
and being surrounded by being