Autumn Leaves


No Beauty for the sake of Beauty

It is the lack of self-awareness
The makes nature so beautiful.

There is no plan, no composition,
No beauty for the sake of beauty,

Only growing to become
And giving to give.

It grows quiet on the road

It grows quiet on the road,
And the hurried day starts to dusk.
We each carry our load home, but you
Are always the last, even though your burden
Is the lightest.
And as the night stumbles upon us,
You are still left out there alone in the dark
Trying to bring home the entirety of the moon.

The other surface of the ocean

You tether your soul
To the heaviest rock,
To the deepest isle
Where your thoughts reach
Into the bottomless pit
Where miles of darkness
Hide the light from your sight.
But if you let me,
I can show you how
To use your soul as an anchor,
Letting it sink into that
Beautiful light on the other surface
Of the ocean.