Another sunny walk

Another sunny walk to watch anemones bloom in hooded clearings. I am finally able to Identify the call of green woodpeckers and blue herons. I collect flowers in bags with wet paper napkins and proceed to stealing walks into forbidden cottage fields.

Cars swoosh by and bees awake alongside. I tip-toe to their tune. A bluer shade of sea wash ashore, revealing trees admiring birds’ nests in their hair. I find the crushed seashells I picked from the children’s sand castles to be excellent potfillers for miniature cacti.

Yesterday, a pink desert star rose from underneath the tiny beach. It took me by surprise. The way most loves do. Make-believe ones or otherwise.

Just like shadows become clearer in the month of spring. I wave happily to myself walking by. The perfect baseball cap making the sun’s sting gentle on my already freckled nose. Another sunny walk to watch myself bloom in hooded clearings. Make-believe ones or otherwise.

The Geography of you and me

We can look at each other
From both sides now;
Letting the distance between
The me in you and the me in me
Soften us.
Knowing so perfectly
Each other’s geography,
We can pause to stay comfortable
In each other’s silence,
Leaving the lights to burn
All through the night.

We have the Night Shadows all around us


We have the night Shadows all around us
Stir not by me today
Let them come and sleep beside me
Like water sleeps in the rain

Close not your hand against what is frozen
For it will also one day become yours
But wrap your light so carefully around it
Like you wrap yourself around me

Do not think you can solve the knots in the wild weeds
But let your riddles be solved in me
Let us grow together wildly
Like streams grow wild in the sea

Clothe dark woods in the secrets you keep
But let your snow be draped around me
You can leave your feet bare against the stones and the mud
As you can leave your heart bare in my keep