Wayside Love

I have walked in small shoes for days. Back and forth. Sometimes pebbles wear down my socks. Sunny ditches free of frost border roads. I walk alongside them.

Deeper into days that roll over, brush against my blue legs, wanting to be scratched. I bend down to pick up the shiniest stones and store them in my pockets. I tuck beachy sand with broken shells around my beds.

I walk every day. To my room, to the city, to the beach. With my head in gray clouds I search for glimpses of light with shaded eyes. Seagulls watch me from white poles. They scream. Scream. Screaming to be fed by the sea gushing under bridges. I walk on bridges.

Bridges over boats. I look into eyes of stone floating on surf. Smile. Smile to the sea. Smile to me. Before we blow away. Fall into yellow ditches. Fall into wayside Love.