You don’t have to fill those moments of silence

You don’t have to fill
Those moments of silence
With anything
But deep gentling breaths
Like summer tide softening
Upon a quiet bay
Hidden away from the storm.

Will you fly or will you fall?

Are you lonely or have you bloomed?
Will there grow flowers where you’ve walked?
Are you brave or are you lost?
Will you stay quiet or will you talk?
Into a sky or out to sea,
Will your petals fly or will they fall?
When roads are empty,
When the world is asleep,
Will your colors fade or
Will you walk on ?

A song of you and me

We used to sit in the dusk
In the honeysuckled wind
Each of us in pleasant solitude
Holding hands in the dimming still

Happy hearts beating
the coming of night
Spinning dreams
as the dark birthed stars

In the orchard glen,
in peaks of cloves
We listened to spring’s
wordless rhymes
Composing a life
In the moon’s mellow
Magic light.

When the sun sets in the West

When the sun sets in the West
It is a splendid portal bloomed from the day
It is not a sorrow to bid farewell
But an elfin door to receive a guest.

Forever will life be a lyrical quest
Keeping treasures safe from age
Until we sail on green waves into the West
To open anew the beginning page.

On a boat alone

On a boat alone beyond the bar
Against the ashen light of breaking sea
All noiseless shadows huddled afar
I toil for treasures in the deep.

Brightly across the ocean’s gray
Ripples a’flush in the eastern sky
The birth-hours glow the path away
Smitten dreams to meet the tide.

All hope roister with the wayward winds
Like seagulls soaring in dizzy flight
But home remains a’slumber in the dim
Awakening only to greet my light.

If I were Home …

If I were home
And could stand again
In the blossoming
dawn of Hope,
It would fill my soul
With old-time calm
And let me once more
Hear the call
Of my full-voiced heart.
Then my dreams would lift
Away the snow
And let my life
Again begin
To grow.