Into the midnight sun

Can you even solve a single riddle
Of life’s inscrutable mysteries,
Before it escapes, like a runaway bride,
Into the midnight sun?
You have crawled through the marshes
Of your existence, met dragonflies as heavy as rocks,
Yet not once, have you been able to hitch a ride.


Bright Days

Bright days are blind
To the night, to darkness
Stumbling in between stars,
And trees hiding their barrenness
Behind palms of wildflowers.
Where are we to hide our fears
In such shadowless days?

Another coast whispers in blue

Another coast whispers in blue
And in the awakening swirls of fog
A butterfly whirls into my creased vision.
It ignites and burns out, ignites and burns out again,
Ignites…and everything feels light as though
A journey is about to begin.