Your life leaves a double footprint

Every day you infuse with life and love
Leaves a double footprint:
One on your soul,
And one on earth.
Your life makes a path like that:
One will lead others to greatness,
The other will lead you
Safely Home.


Wreath of Summers

I am like the sun
Looking at life through silvery cobwebs
Listening to oars pulling sea
Through rinds of mica,
Lifting days with alien hands
Into a sky
Borrowed by Eternity.
And life quiets down in sacred expectancy
As Earth tumbles down
An untied wreath of summers

Our Armor of Softness

Let us lend our armor of softness
To Mother Nature,
Let us brush newborn leaves against
The human mind,
And conjure, with our creativity,
Dreams of forests growing safely
Under a clear and peaceful sky,
Minding nothing but their own

Happy Earth Day 22nd April! 💖