Like green grass, like morning light

If you were a weed in a ditch,
If you were an afternoon persistently falling
Into night, I would still catch you
Like green grass, like morning light,
Until it was me you grew from,
Until it was me you fell into.


The iconographer of your dreams

You made me the iconographer
Of your dreams
Tagging my hallways with your
Seafaring brush.
You pooled my shallow waters,
Mapping scavenger hunts
To trick me into looking for you,
Only to leave me
Capsized in the black tar
Of your expectations.

We sleep under the same black sky

Tonight, the rivers
Have frozen over
And bright summer days
Can’t even seem to bring us
Back together.
We sleep under the same
Black sky, but the stars
Seem to create different patterns
In our lives. Perhaps it is time
To let our memories draw
Shadows in the snow and simply wait
For the sun to rise.

The Silenced Mind

So fast, something
Safe can become
A prison.
Walls being too familiar,
Keeping out the world
While tenderly preserving
A monastic sanctity.
When did it all
Become such a threat?
Peace being lost
In the claiming of
So wounded
We wait
We tremble
While wars are being
Inside the caves
Of the silenced Mind.