An intrusion on the Heart’s Solitude

Love is an intrusion
On the heart’s Solitude,
A luxurious pause
Before the parting
Of waves
Into ocean.


Sometimes I lose myself in you

Sometimes, I lose myself
In you,
I forget the intricacies
Of my own soul, and I
Become a solitary
Pilgrim searching
Your veins
For my purpose.

We have the Night Shadows all around us


We have the night Shadows all around us
Stir not by me today
Let them come and sleep beside me
Like water sleeps in the rain

Close not your hand against what is frozen
For it will also one day become yours
But wrap your light so carefully around it
Like you wrap yourself around me

Do not think you can solve the knots in the wild weeds
But let your riddles be solved in me
Let us grow together wildly
Like streams grow wild in the sea

Clothe dark woods in the secrets you keep
But let your snow be draped around me
You can leave your feet bare against the stones and the mud
As you can leave your heart bare in my keep

You build tracks that leave me nowhere

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We want to move but
A bright light is standing
In the way.
Am I that sun?
Burning and burning
To give you everything.

I came for you
Swallowing your glacier.
Dissecting your scars.
But a worthlessness has passed
Through us,
Hiding you from me.
Perhaps that is how you want it.
Building tracks that lead me nowhere.

I became blind for you
To be a better seer.
I became deaf for you
To be a better listener.
But I saw nothing
I heard nothing
But you and me.

I don’t want to be found…

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

How can those tracks of yours just go on and on?
Unfamiliar voices humming a name. Is it mine?
I don’t want to be found. Not now.
I’m about to find out where you can take me.
I enjoy my window seat. I want more in my glass.
Can you give it to me? Can you dance?
The trees expand out there.
Or are they trees? I can just see black tall shadows.
But I trust you. I always have.
Maybe destiny scares me….it plows and plows.
Is there no crop? I want a standstill.
But the birds keep pecking. At worms….
at earth….how am I supposed to know…?
I am just a passenger after all.
Trains are expensive, though. It’s okay.
I am a gambler. There is rarely a ticket master…
but even if there is….I am not broke.
Not yet. I hope….never…