Your love is like a summer night

Your love is like a summer night;
In it there are no shadows where I
Can hide. Your nearsighted heart
Wrinkles in concentration
When I am too far from you.
Sometimes I wonder;
How did you even find me
In all that layered darkness?


Frozen Trees

I have often stood with
One foot in the warmth
Of your shy caresses
And the other in the bitter
Taste of bleeding stars.
But when the days turned
Into a whirl of icicles
Breaking upon outlawed dreams,
I lifted the other foot
And stepped into the forest
Of your love,
And the frozen trees hummed
Quietly through
My thoughts.

The Geography of you and me

We can look at each other
From both sides now;
Letting the distance between
The me in you and the me in me
Soften us.
Knowing so perfectly
Each other’s geography,
We can pause to stay comfortable
In each other’s silence,
Leaving the lights to burn
All through the night.