A hole in the wall

His soul
was knocking
on the walls
of her heart

and she finally
took courage
and carved a hole
in the wall
just big enough
to let him in

I love you

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I love you
Among all things
Gone wrong
I love you

In the silent departures
In longing
And belonging
I love you

In the falling leaves
And under maple trees
I love you

In the footsteps left behind
And the ones not yet made
I love you

Walk with me
My love,
Let us walk
Further and further
Into life
Deeper and deeper
Into love

Love is…

2016-01-07 16.27.16

Love is the blossom
that grows not apart
that winks like a shadow
on the sun’s burning heart

Love is the softness
that tames yet remains wild
breaking or mending
yet is innocent like a child

It holds not a difference
it tears not apart
it gathers all passings
in seams of tender scars

Love is the asking
that needs no reply
bruising and healing
stays or walks by

Love is the chamber
that holds no regrets
it keeps and releases
it rises and sets

Love is the gift
you cannot return
it is not destined
for ashes
with immortality
it blazes and burns