An intrusion on the Heart’s Solitude

Love is an intrusion
On the heart’s Solitude,
A luxurious pause
Before the parting
Of waves
Into ocean.


Tonight I am a hunter

Tonight I am a hunter
Tracking your every movement
But you are a poacher
Looking for a moment of light
To fill your darkness.

Rooted to each other

So this is how we stay
Rooted to each other
Like climbers
Unto a roof
That keeps slanting
Further and further
For each year
We grow apart.


Sometimes I lose myself in you

Sometimes, I lose myself
In you,
I forget the intricacies
Of my own soul, and I
Become a solitary
Pilgrim searching
Your veins
For my purpose.


Seduced by Your Gravity


Seduced by your gravity, I fell
from weightlessness,
Slipped into my higher self,
And warred around in your heart,
Until your pull started pushing itself
Into my emptiness.


You Like To Dry My Tears


You like to dry my tears
To give me a home
In you
I am someone
Who loves.


As summer nights turn into autumn

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Secrets are free here
To find hands with Crossed fingers
Behind naked tanned backs
Bent in giggles as summer nights
Turn into autumn and little women
Steal kisses under dim lamplights