When I stand by the sea

When I stand by the sea
On a slanting black cliff,
I hear myself echoing the waves.
And in the pit of my humanity
A stream stirs to life,
Pulling towards the horizon.
I let that tender unity
Pour out of me,
until I am stretched
Far beyond the visible horizon.


Our Eternal Bond

If you choose to disembark
On this tide-polished shore
Of seastars and mountain draft,
You will see me
Through the whispers of
Nocturnal waves crashing
Quietly upon the seaforest’s debris.
With a calm wind-tamed voice
I will light my otherworld life
And flicker, God-crazed and resolute,
Into the hollowness of
Your hand.
And like a homeless,
Rough and weathered,
Or the sea in poor lighting,
You will remember
That you are not a marsh
Clinging and swallowing, but
A dance inside wrinkled minds
Keeping me like a branch of spring
In your carpenter fist.