Safely hidden

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can take you away from yourself, unless you willingly offer it up. But even then, even then, a small part of you always remain safely hidden in your inner most being, ready to be rekindled when you get your spark back.

Carry yourself

If you can carry yourself
With the weight of your entire soul
Upon your shoulders,
You can wade through
Even the deepest river
Crossing your path;
Dry-shoed and warm
Without sacrificing a single layer
To the river wild.


My Soul has tore
My skin apart
And scattered pieces
Of my heart like feathers,
And left them to dance like the wind.
Until I am
Nowhere and everywhere
With no gravity
To settle me.
I have colored
My whereabouts
In shades of gold,
Leaving my presence untied
To behold.
But on that last day
I will collect and restore
My broken wings
And let them,
Slowly and confidently

If you break, break deeply

If you break, break deeply,
Like tide all the way into the shallow coves,
So that even the sharpest rocks must give into you
And loose their pointy edges.
Your soul is like that tide,
If you allow it it will wash over you with its full force,
And slowly and persistently blunt your own
Sharp edges.

Sometimes we get lost

Sometime we get lost in the inscrutability
Of our lives, like ships in fog.
Until a conch blower, with homemade night goggles,
comes along and sweeps us off our feet.
But perhaps being lost is not so bad.
You certainly don’t need night goggles
To look inside your own soul.

A Child of the sea

You are not just a child of your parents,
you are a child of the sea, the mountains,
the sky and the woods.
They are your creators
and you are their beloved.
And as you love and care for your parents,
you must love and care for all those who love you;
for the sea, for the mountains, for the sky
and for the woods.
Love is not a duty, it is a gift;
the giving of it and the receiving of it
is what holds the fabric of this world together.
It is life, and without it there can be none.