Under layers of snow

It doesnโ€™t matter if you have frail,
Frozen hands, or that your veins
Have turned blue from shoveling
Too much frost.
Your soul is a reindeer
Finding light to nourish
Your heart, even if it is,
Like lichen, hidden
Under layers of hardened


My unweeded Edges

Your surface is spilling over
My unweeded edges,
Caressing the curves
Of my flustered mind
Pulling me into,
Murky dark places
I cannot see
for all the glittery
And I stagger and fall.
I fight your darkness
As all the glitter slips away.
But it is then I realize
That you are just a river
And I am the one
Looking into you.

Wild beneath our Wings

When I look into your eyes
I try to surpass the many layers
You hide behind. I pass
The border that says
Wolf, Mammal, Animal.
I find you there
Being, life, energy.
I find my own existence there
Being, life, energy.
This is where we meet.
This where we are the same,
And this is where we
Learn to love each other.

This stunning photo is taken by Gro Saugerud. If you want to see more beautiful wolf photos or read about animals, please visit her blog here: https://grosaugerud.wordpress.com/