July was a feather curling in the air

July has been a month of longing in slow dawns, watching flowers blossom and leaves falling to earth. Of thunderstorms and hot days, glasses of peachy white wine and dragonflies turning their heads to look at me.

It has been a month of herons staring out to sea and tractor tracks being filled with rain. Of blue moons rising in crystal air and golden wings painted in lime green sketchbooks. Of caramel lattes in lilac sunrises and fields flooded with water curling silver in the summer winds.

It has been a month of bird song and fairy music from faraway isles steeped in Norse lore, transformative meetings and the feeling of being seen by messengers from realms unspoken.

All in all it has been a time of awakening, rediscovering and transformation. A shift from one energetic vibe to another. Of a sort of detachment and lowering anchor in new depths. What it brings only time will show.

Happy Summerset to you all! (in which I mean the beginning of the setting of the summer months)