Be the Wind that carries You

Close your eyes
and be the bird
upon the wind
stretch your wings
and be the wind
that carries you

Close your eyes
and be the air
that moves the wind
abandon your boundaries
and be the breath
that births the being

A hole in the wall

His soul
was knocking
on the walls
of her heart

and she finally
took courage
and carved a hole
in the wall
just big enough
to let him in

Finally Back Home by Irfaan Ihsan Jaffer

finally back jhome

My dear friend Irfaan Ihsan Jaffer has written a most magnifcent book of poetry! I have known him for a little while now and have loved and adored his work since I read his poetry for the first time. I remember the first two things that came into my mind when I read his poetry were: Rumi and Sufism or mysticism. I have admired Rumi’s portry for a long time, and Ihsan’s poetry is (in my opinion) just as magnificent and moving as Rumi’s. Ihsan’s book is a treasure. He writes about Love, spiritual Love, in a way that sweeps you off your feet and tips you off the edge, so that you can land safely in the loving arms of your soul. The one thing I love the most about this book is that it can be read and enjoyed by anyone from any faith or religion (or even non-religion). It talks about that one universal force or power that is Love. Ihsan will touch your heart with his compassionate and loving way of writing and you will be left feeling more enlightened and even comforted by his amazing voice. The poems are not difficult to understand (and I am not a native English speaker) and does not have to be interpreted for hours and hours until you finally get the meaning of them, you will be moved to tears even after one reading. They are simple, yet complex, inteligent but not too academic, deep but not heavy. In my opinion this is the best coellction of poetry I have ever read in my whole life , and I recommend it heartily to everyone!

Here is the link to Ihsan’s blog: