Life is a Halo

Life is a Halo
We have done nothing
To deserve,
It just lights us up anyway.


Quiet Days

Happiness is quiet days
Filled with a hundred thousand moments.
All perceived both outside and within
The majestic continent of your life.
And perhaps, sometimes, in one of them,
You will meet and greet your own heart
As though it was someone you had never before

Every Life is a Spring

Every life is a Spring,
A hopeful and fragile thing,
With heavy rains and sunny days,
Our life in every breath.
So new and curious and strange
The path is laid before us,
Yet willfully we bend and push
And leave
Our spirit in every step.

Where Rivers meet

Where rivers meet,
In valleys deep,
Their embrace:
In hands, in sorrows,
Each with his own take
On scraping rocks
And hostile land,
A strengthening, a mighty merge
To cast away, to formidably fall
And to finally be
Youthfully reborn.