Pacific Stillness

Thoughts riding the breeze
Reaching for beauty
In the pacific stillness.


You are Melancholy

You are melancholy, like a beautiful journey
about to end. And for a moment,
I can still see the molten dress
Of abandonment, draped
Around your shoulders.
And my heart tries to reel you in,
But my clockwork wheels are spinning too fast,
And you,
Turn towards the sea,
Where the migratory night has started
Erasing memories from the horizon,
Like sandy footprints, fading
Into your oceanic soul,
Where there is a longing,
From which,
You are never absent,
Parting us, like an old unmapped road
With landmarks of fire
And ice.

Let us haste into the sunless days

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Let us haste into that dark and sunless day
Where hope clings on to the dreams of yesterday
Where the parting sun is voiceless and the twilight,
like the morning, is cold, and the lightness
Of summer evenings has grown tired and solemn and old
I say, let us roam along the night-rimmed fields
Where the wind has blown joy astray
And love the dying of the youthful days
And the shadows ’round that beloved’s face
Will yield and skulk away


An Ode to the Innocence of Childhood


Can you hear the music
Of old-time dreams and days
When you were but a little child
And the world was games and play

When the joyous fields
And soft warm nights
Were young and free from stain
And the woods were full of secrets
And fairies danced in the lanes

When sunsets were singing lullabies
For goldenrods and cloves
And warmly folded you into
The loving arms of home

Can you hear the music
Of old-time dreams and days
When God was a wayside flower
An afternoon in May
Or a little lamb at pasture
Or the sunrise above the bay
And the sweetness of your laughter
Was better than any prayer

Can you hear the music
Of old-time dreams and play
When you were but a little child
And the world was games and play


First Light


Dawn is like the moment
before a thought
turns into spoken words


On Stillness’ Shores

2016-04-29 17.48.08

Let us leave the night to its shadows
as though darkness’ breathing
were forever stilled
Let us swim across the keening river
where ghostly waters pale and cream
then dance around its lucent rim
like spirit-blooms in tranquil fields

Let us journey on to stillness’ shores
where immemorial seas grow young
removing veils of skulking shades
where untrod secrets are kept
then sketching dreams on barren sands
in prayers’ sea-borne nests



2016-01-31 07.13.23

You chased me down
with your silence
you pulled me into you
like I was a river
and you the ocean

and I
came to be loved
in your